Modern bistro in the heart of Copenhagen

Billedet viser en ret, der består af kammuslinger, kaviar og agurk.


We are excited to offer you a truly rebellious dining experience in a comfortable and unpretentious atmosphere. At our restaurant, food, wine, and a great atmosphere are our top priorities, and we can't wait for you to vist us. We promise you will leave satisfied and happy.

Our dishes

Evening menu featuring unique flavor combinations, from seafood to meat and vegetables dishes, a perfect balance and a touch of luxury.
Billedet viser retten bagt torsk med grønne bønner, persille, muslingesauce.
Baked cod · green beans · parsley · mussel sauce
Billedet viser retten Hummersuppe, der består af Jomfruhummerbisque - kammuslinger - tomater - basilikum - boghvedekerner.
Lobster bisque • scallops • tomatoes • basil • buckwheat kernels
Billedet viser retten boeuf onglet med shiitake, svampepuré, kejserhattesauce.
Beef onglet · shiitake · mushroom puree · king trumpet sauce

Private Dining

Here at Rebel, we love to get out.
We can deliver a total experience for every occasion based on your needs.


Experience the delicious food, friendly service and memorable experiences that our customers have raved about. Read our testimonials and find out why our restaurant is a must-visit destination.

5/6 Anmeldelser
You eat intensely well at Rebel, which stands for pure, unpretentious taste.
Picture of Niels Lillelund
Niels Lillelund
5/6 Anmeldelser
Price and quality are in reasonable proportion, so we end up with five stars.
Picture of Søren Frank
Søren Frank